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Apple made a lot of claims about its ceramic shield display protection back when the iPhone 12 was launched. They’re using the same protection on the iPhone 14 as well and while it’s good, it’s not invincible. Glass can scratch or crack easily which is why getting a screen protector for your iPhone 14 is recommended.

After all, prevention is better than cure. A screen protector absorbs the shock on impact and prevents your iPhone’s display from shattering. It also prevents the exorbitant expenditure that you would otherwise incur to get your screen fixed!

If we’ve convinced you enough to protect your phone, take a look at some of the best screen protectors for iPhone 14 of different kinds.

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Let’s get to the screen protectors now.

QHOHQ is bundling in 2 tempered glass screen protectors, 2 camera lens protectors, and a silicone case for a price that you would generally pay for just a case. Talk about providing value! The extra protectors will come in handy if you mess up the installation or end up cracking the glass during a fall.

The brand has also taken care of the smaller details like an installation tray for the screen protector and camera glass. The silicone case is slim while still being adequately protective. You cannot really complain much at this price point because you’re getting excellent value with this iPhone 14 case with a screen protector. Besides, you also get a lifetime replacement warranty for the case. Impressive, isn’t it?

However, one small gripe as pointed out in the reviews is that the buttons on the case are slightly hard to press. It gets better with time.

A matte screen protector has its set of pros and cons. The pros are that it doesn’t pick up any fingerprints or smudges when you use your fingers on the display, the experience while scrolling and swiping across the screen is smooth, and the content on the display is more legible in harsh lighting conditions.

Besides, matte iPhone 14 screen protectors are also a good pick for gamers, since you can glide your fingers easily on the display.

However, matte screen protectors deteriorate the viewing experience of the display and make it look slightly hazy. If you watch a lot of videos, movies, or any other content on your phone, it may not appear as pleasing to the eyes as it would with a clear screen protector. Another common complaint in the reviews section is that the glass is slightly smaller than the front of the phone and doesn’t extend to the edges completely.

So, while this glass screen protector for iPhone 14 is a great pick, buying it entirely depends on what your priorities are.

A privacy screen protector works in a way that you can only view the display at a specific angle. When you view your phone head-on from a straight angle, you can see the display in a bright and clear way. But, if you try viewing it from the sides or off-axis, the display will appear dark.

This iPhone 14 privacy screen protector allows you to safeguard your privacy while also saving your display. You get 2 screen protectors and 2 complimentary camera protectors also in the package. A few downsides of this anti-spy screen guard are that it ruins the viewing angles when you’re consuming content and the display will appear dimmer than usual.

If you want added privacy, though, this is a good option. Save your chats from your neighboring passenger’s eyes when traveling by public transport!

The Spigen iPhone 14 screen protector is one of the best screen protectors for the iPhone 14 in terms of quality and ease of application. It covers the entire front of the phone and leaves just enough gap for any case to fit. The alignment tray in the package makes it extremely easy to apply the protector perfectly.

The quality of the glass and the oleophobic coating is superior on this protector compared to a standard piece of tempered glass. There are 2 protectors in the pack which is always handy if one breaks. There are thousands of reviews for this product and almost all of them are positive indicating the product’s excellence.

Like some accessories from the brand, this Belkin screen protector for iPhone 14 seems severely overpriced for what it offers. You only get one standard tempered glass screen protector in the box for almost twice the price of competitors who offer 2 protectors in the package. There’s no alignment tray either and you only get alignment stickers instead.

Despite the alignment stickers provided in the box, the reviews have one major complaint — the difficulty in applying this screen protector. It’s easy to misalign and apparently, air bubbles get trapped inside rather easily which isn’t ideal. It doesn’t cover the entire front of the phone either and as a result, the edges chip off easily upon impact as per the reviews.

Get this screen protector only if you’re specifically looking for a tempered glass guard from Belkin.

If you thought the Belkin screen protector was expensive, the Otterbox screen protector for the iPhone 14 takes it up a notch. This is mainly because you’re getting a quality product that claims to offer 5X better scratch protection compared to standard tempered glass. The brand also claims that the screen protector can survive a drop from up to 6 feet.

These are bold claims since the Otterbox screen protector — at the end of the day — is also made using glass just like all the screen protectors on this list. Further, the tempered glass also comes with Otterbox’s limited lifetime warranty. However, we’re not sure on what basis you can claim this warranty since it seems impractical that you can use it every time the glass cracks.

If you want the added scratch resistance, and most importantly, are willing to spend so much on a screen protector, go ahead with your purchase. If you end up getting it, let us know what you think of it in the comments section and if it’s worth it or not!

Pick up any of these best screen protectors for the iPhone 14 and they should do a great job at protecting your display from scratches and cracks. Rather than paying Apple hundreds of dollars to fix a broken screen, it’s always recommended to get a cheap screen protector to keep your display safe.

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