Ceramic glass metal coating machine/PVD coating machine

ceramic glass metalizing machinery/pvd coater What is PVD Vacuum metalizing?Basically it is one form of Physical vapor deposition.PVD uses cathodic arc deposition and a sputtering process to produce high-grade coatings. The results are finishes that are resistant to chemicals, are easy to maintain&comm

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ceramic glass metalizing machinery/pvd coater
What is PVD Vacuum metalizing?

Basically it is one form of Physical vapor deposition.
PVD uses cathodic arc deposition and a sputtering process to produce high-grade coatings. The results are finishes that are resistant to chemicals, are easy to maintain, can protect against corrosion, and dramatically increase tool life.
 In a process known as physical vapor deposition (PVD), a layer of metallic film is applied to a substrate in a vacuum chamber at a low temperature. PVD is a preferred technology because it doesn't require a conductive substrate - the metal film can be applied to plastic, mcetal, or glass.
How PVD Vacuum metalizing is done?
• Parts are sprayed with a basecoat (becoming obsolete in new technology with highly polished molds using amorphous materials).
• Parts are racked, racks put into the chamber, the chamber is then sealed.
• Argon gas( or other gas) is introduced into the chamber in a continuously flowing manner.
• Electricity creates an active Argon plasma field in front of the cathode. (The cathode is an assembly which contains magnets and provides a mounting for the target - a plate of the material which will be deposited. The magnets are located behind the target.)
• The positively charged (ionized) Argon atoms are accelerated by passing through a magnetic field  (created by magnets inside the cathode).
• The positive atoms are attracted to the negative charged cathode which contains the target.
• The target is bombarded with each ion particle, they individually break off ("chip") an atom of the target material with each collision (target hit continuously).
• Continuous (and directed) sputteing of tghe release target atoms are "shot" onto the surface of the part  (direction is assisted by the magnetic field - perpendicular to the target.
• The basecoat material/paint (or high gloss amorphous part) provides a smooth surface for the atoms to be deposited together and build up on the part.
• The part is top coated with HMDSO (in monomer form, polymerized by passing through a plasma created by high voltage rods - the polymer condensates onto the coating surface).
• The chamber is vented and parts removed/reloaded.

Why PVD Vacuum metalizing?
Dramatic Improvement in Tool Life
Minimal Dimensional Changes
Low Maintenance
Higher Speeds & Feeds
Protects Against Corrosion
Strip & Recoat Multiple Times
Resistant to Chemicals
Environmentally Safe
High Heat Resistance
Reduced Friction
Uniform Coating
Decorative Colors
Low Coating Temperature for Sensitive Parts
Excellent Adhesion
Vacuum metallizing process is used for decorative metallic finishes, EMI/RFI Shielding, and Reflective coatings on plastic, glass, and metal substrates.
Hardware coating--decorative vacuum metallizing
Glass bangles decorative coating film-decorative vacuum coating
Jewellery pvd hard coating machine
Stainless steel plate coating-decorative vacuum coating
Ceramics tile vacuum coating-decorative coating
Mosaic tiles vacuum coating machine-decorative
Cutting toolings hard film coating-functional coating

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