PVC 3D decorative PVC wall panel/PVC marble panel/UV wall panel

Place of Origin:ChinaBrand Name: VTCModel Style:Wall SolutionMaterial:  PVCUsage:Indoor  Surface Treatment:UV CoatingType: WALL TILE    Size:305mm*610mm*5.5mmApplication:Residential/CommercialWear Layer:0.55mmFunction:Building Flooring Material        Col

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Place of Origin:ChinaBrand Name: VTC
Model Style:Wall SolutionMaterial:  PVC
Usage:Indoor  Surface Treatment:UV Coating
Type: WALL TILE    Size:305mm*610mm*5.5mm
Application:Residential/CommercialWear Layer:0.55mm
Function:Building Flooring Material        Color:Customized
Backing:Self-adhesiveFeature:Waterproof Wear Resistant Anti-slip
PVC 3D Decorative PVC Wall Panels/PVC Marble Sheet/UV Wall Panels
PVC 3D Decorative PVC Wall Panels/PVC Marble Sheet/UV Wall Panels
PVC 3D Decorative PVC Wall Panels/PVC Marble Sheet/UV Wall Panels
PVC 3D Decorative PVC Wall Panels/PVC Marble Sheet/UV Wall Panels
PVC 3D Decorative PVC Wall Panels/PVC Marble Sheet/UV Wall Panels
PVC 3D Decorative PVC Wall Panels/PVC Marble Sheet/UV Wall Panels
PVC 3D Decorative PVC Wall Panels/PVC Marble Sheet/UV Wall Panels
PVC 3D Decorative PVC Wall Panels/PVC Marble Sheet/UV Wall Panels
PVC 3D Decorative PVC Wall Panels/PVC Marble Sheet/UV Wall Panels
PVC 3D Decorative PVC Wall Panels/PVC Marble Sheet/UV Wall Panels

PVC 3D Decorative PVC Wall Panels/PVC Marble Sheet/UV Wall Panels

Q1. Which tools I need for the installation? 
A.It does not require the use of professional tools. You only need a cutter, pencil, metallic setsquare, level and gun for silicone application. 

Q2. Is necessary a professional to install the product? 
A.It is no necessary a professional to install VTC Wall Solution following the steps on the Installation Guide. Take your time for doing the work and you will get a high quality finish. 

Q3. Can it be installed by myself? 
A.The VTC Wall Solution is easy to install, you just need some basic tools. We recommend to read the Instal_x005flation Guide or see the installation video guide to understand how to install the product. 

Q4. Could be installed out doors? 
A.No, is an indoor product. 

Q5. Can it be installed in any place of the house? 
A.Yes, wherever indoors. Able to be installed in the bathroom*, kitchen**, rooms, corridors, attics, garages 
or other areas. 

Q6. Can it be installed in the shower? 
A.Yes, is 100% water resistant and it is guaranteed for damp areas as the shower. It is always recommended 
that the installation stay totally fixed in order to avoid future water filtrations throw the behind of the wall. For this reason is recommended apply transparent silicon in all the perimeters of the tile during the installation process of each tile. You can see the process in our installation video guide. 

Q7. Why I have to install the silicon in the shower? 
A.We recommend that before install each tile, apply a line of transparent silicon anti-water and anti-mold around the perimeter of the tile/plank to avoid that water can penetrate from behind and generate mold in the future with the prejudice for it health that it can represent. 

Q8. Can it be installed on any surface? 
A.Yes, but has to apply a previous primer in porous materials as coated, wood, casts… For the perfect adherence, it is mandatory to apply the PU Glue. 

Q9. Can be installed directly on ceramic tiles? 
A.Yes, one of the advantages of VTC Wall Solution is its adaptation to any surface. Its fixing system allows 
fixing it at the moment to almost all the surfaces. The installation on ceramic tiles it is only necessary to keep 
the wall clean without grease or paint before stick it. 

Q10. Can be installed on plaster, cement, wood, stippled paint or coated? 
A.For installing the vinyl wall tiles on plaster or coated wall is necessary to follow the advises: 
- Before installing we have to be sure that the walls are free of damp, greases or recesses which can affect the perfect adherence of the tiles. 
- It is not recommended its installation on unevenness superiors to 5mm per lineal meter. 
- It is mandatory apply the Primer on the walls when it is installed on coated, plaster, cement, wood or laminated or any porous surface in order for the guarantee to apply. 
- If you want to install it on coated with high porous, sand the drops of the coated to get a regular level on the wall no superior to 2 mm. 

Q11. Once installed, can I remove and replace? 
A.Yes, after install the tile you can remove and replace for a new one. However, due to the glue is high-grip and 

Q12. If it is 100% waterproof, can it be installed on damp walls? 
A.No, in order to get the adequate adherence of the tiles, the wall has to be clean and free of damps to avoid the detachment of the tile. 

Q13. Is it fireproof? 
The mineral vinyl wall tiles have a classification B-s1,d0. This result certify that in case of fire, the tiles will have a fire behavior inside the current regulations of construction. This means that the tiles are certified that they are already complying with the European Rule EN13823:2012. If you want to install our tiles in an office, shop or commerce or public local, consult with your architect or engineer about the required classification in each case. 

Q14. Are the mineral tiles affected by the temperatures? 
A.The mineral tiles can hold temperatures between 5 and 45 degrees without any alteration caused by the 
hot or the cold. Passed this temperatures, the cooling and shrinkage phase of the product is minimum. 

Q15. Is able to place tiles near heating sources? 
A.When the tiles will be installed near heating sources that can affect directly the tiles like stoves, it is advisable avoid the direct exposition throw refractory glasses or separator aluminum plates. 

Q16. Have the tiles thermal and sound insulation? 
A.Without any doubt once the product will be installed you will note a thermic insulation. Compared with a ce_x0002_ramic tile, the VTC Wall Solution tiles offers a hot and warm pleasant handle, keeping better the temperatures getting an air conditioning in saving and heating. Other advantage is the improvement in sound 
insulation, it reduces 10db and optimizes the acoustic bars of the wall where will be installed. 

Q17. Can be installed for people with allergic problems? 
A.It is ideally due to avoid the adherence of dust mites being a hipoallergic product. It is installed in hospitals 
and kindergartens. 

Q18. How can I clean it? 
A.The tiles are easy to clean. It is recommendable the use of neutral soap or soap solution without abrasive 
products as ammonia, bleach, etc. 

Q19. Has to be protected from the sunlight? 
A.Is better that if the installation is exposed to the sun through the window, it can produce the magnifying glass effect and generate high temperatures which can detach the product, so it will be necessary some protection to avoid the negative effects in the product. 

Q20. Is it possible to combine formats? 
A.You can combine colors and formats to create personalized designs, getting unique designs combining 
woods and ceramics. 

Q21. Is possible to cover the bevel with some type of paste to make it white? 
A.We recommend to make a test before in order to avoid any alteration on the product. 

Q22. What is the function of the bevel? 
A.The bevel create the most realistic similitude to natural ceramic and conceal the possible mistakes in the installation as well as the irregularities in the old wall. 

Q23. What happen if after some time I want to remove the tiles? 
A.For the change, is recommended the introduction of a spatula in the joint between bevels and separate the 
tiles slowly from the wall. It is normal that some part of the glue of the self-adhesive and the extra PU Glue applied in the holes, remain in the wall. This can be removed scratching with a spatula.


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